Electric cars

Charge your electric car during your stay
at Svabesholm

Charge your electric car during your visit with us. We have set up a charger at the red riding house, by the parking lot on the left when you enter through our avenue to the farm. Below is information on how to go about charging.

Download the Northe app
Register an account and a payment method
Scan the QR code for the correct outlet or look up the address
Press "Start charging"

When your car has finished charging, remove the cable from the post and charger and move your car. We only have one charging post on Svabesholm and therefore appreciate that you move your car when you have finished charging. Even if the car has reached a full battery, money is deducted as long as you are connected to the charging station, so to avoid unnecessary costs, we recommend that you disconnect the cable and move your car when charging is complete. Thanks for your consideration.

If you need help, please contact Voltiva at support@voltiva.se or 004620-899579

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