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History of Svabesholm

Svabesholm's history stretches back 400 years and is an estate at Stenshuvud in Södra Mellby parish in Simrishamn, Skåne. 
The name Svavidsholm first appears in 1625. Nobleman Mogens Svave was attributed to this farm in Mellby. In 1688, the farm is mentioned as Kungsgård. Kungsgårdar were farms in different locations in a country, which the king had at his disposal in order to be able to support himself and his mounted entourage on the yield of the farm, in kind. Taxes were originally paid only to the military.

Svavidsholm included the whole of Mellby parish and stretched all the way down to the sea and included the whole of the current Stenshuvud and the national park. The foundation for Svabesholm was obtained by Jesper Göje through three exchanges with the crown in the years 1618–1621 which, among other things, gave him 9 farms in Svineberga village where the farm was built.

When the Scanian Dragoon Regiment was set up in 1676, it was organized into 8 companies. The head of one of these units was assigned to Svabesholm Gård. Svabesholm was one of the 12 Scanian royal estates that, through the peace of Copenhagen in 1660, came into the possession of the crown in exchange for the lost island of Bornholm. For just over 150 years until 1834, Svabesholm functioned as a horseman's residence, i.e. the farm's yield constituted the company commander's salary in peacetime and housing between campaigns. The company's number was 125 riders. These came from outcasts because Karl XI, with the Snapphane feuds fresh in his mind, did not trust the Scanians. This led to several controversies between the local population and the soldiers.

The Mangårdsbygden was last rebuilt after a fire in 1902. Måns Tufvesson saw to it that it was rebuilt and his name is on the eastern gable.

In 1968, the management of the farm was taken over by the Thuresson family, Ravlunda. In 1991 the farm was freed from the land registry and in 1996 the current owner Anders Thuresson bought the farm from his parents and has renovated it continuously since then. In the spring of 2003, the western wing, which previously housed a dairy and staff quarters, was restored. In accordance with tradition, today there are stables with around 25 stalls, a riding house and an outdoor riding track with Thuresson's own riding track surface "High Tide System" as well as a grass track with a gallop loop.

Anders Thuresson's vision is to develop the farm into a visitor destination where each building on the farm fulfills a function that together gives the visitor a differentiated offer. Today there are a number of tenants who together offer a beautiful visitor garden with a plant shop, design, home furnishings as well as fashion and vintage. 

Ander's daughter Caroline today runs the farm hotel, which offers 23 beds, as well as a guesthouse in the village, with 21 beds. There is also a Café & Country Kitchen and activities such as weddings and conferences. What distinguishes Svabesholm's Kungsgård is that the visitor gets the feeling of having found his "own" farm. Here the animals and nature are in focus and here a sustainable environment is the highest priority. Belonging to the farm there are approx. 130 hectares of fields and forest and the farm is self-sufficient in heat through chip burning from its own forest and has solar cells that make the farm
self-sufficient in electricity.

The Thuresson family's idea is based on the genuine encounter between the visitor and the farm's genuine environment and its surrounding nature. The range of experiences is multifaceted. Treating yourself to just enjoying yourself can also be a powerful enough experience. The motto is that nothing is impossible and that the visitors' stay at the farm becomes a memory for life.

We guide you to your best experience, welcome!
Anders Thuresson & Caroline Thuresson Skog

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